Your blog title is brilliant. I'm gonna s…

Your blog title is brilliant. I'm gonna show it to all my friends.

Thank you! Glad you like it so much~ When I thought of it I couldn’t just not use it XD

Local Old Man Wears Self Out

Local Old Man Wears Self Out

Inscreva-se no Canal:…

Inscreva-se no Canal:



more comics with the boys and paperinik 2k18









how to know if tumblr has been eating your asks: send yourself anywhere between 5-10 asks, ( anon or not ) but have each ask be nothing but an order in which you sent them.

i.e: the first ask says ‘1′, the second says ‘2′, etc etc.

i sent myself ten of these, both on anon and not. This was all i received back:


Tumblr is now eating asks along with notifications. We must be more interactive than ever if we want keep this form of entertainment we call the rpc. Go ahead and warn your friends or test this for yourselves.. This post is reblogable.

I just sent myself five of these. none of them came through.

I just did this myself last night and out of the ten ask I sent myself only one came through.

Please know if I’m not responding to you, your ask, or your messages, I am not willingly ignoring you. I am however doing my best to try and stay in contact with everyone.

sorry to everyone who tagged me or sent me an ask. If I didn’t react to it, tumblr didn’t show me.

I just did that for my main and my side blog (5 each) and none came through.

So please don’t be shy to send ask if I received stuff on dm or send it again!

I’ve been noticing this too, guys! If you need me it seems like the best way to get in touch is either spam my inbox or just shoot me a chat message, because reblogs and replies are no longer showing up.

I’m still getting notifications about the porn bots who’re following me, though. *sighhhhh*

Uh oh! If you are worried Tumblr may have eaten an ask you sent me, don’t hesitate to resend!




I’m looking for DuckTales fandom!

If you post stuff related to DuckTales reblog this and I’ll check your blog out!

You’re looking for the DT fandom and we are here!!! Ok! So let me help you out my friend! @heythatsdeep @miilkyopals @robinine-blog @ginyang98 @janetbrown711 @itsdetectiveliz @delta-toons @down-in-duckburg @tricia-morvill @saltycorgie @meiloorun-notthefruit @raidenraccoon @cartoonlover233 @queenbean03 @minedobla3 @little-redhaired-girl @everythingducktales @blatherinblatherskite @sarroora @koizumi-marichan @byrdybyrd02 @dawnbuneary @i-restuff @rllyjohnrlly

Honestly there are so many more but these are the ones I could come up with.

Also a lot of these have an art blog as well (including myself @squorkalart) or they are the art blog so I would just send them a private message and ask about if they have an art blog or DT specific blog. They will be THRILLED to tell you what it is!

Anyway! Good luck on your DT search!

Ahhh thanks for the shoutout! 

I don’t have a specific art blog but I do have a tag for it, which is here. Otherwise yes, I do post plenty of DuckTales content, come join along~

(1, 6, 10 for DuckTales ask meme)

(1, 6, 10 for DuckTales ask meme)

1. Reboot or original?

Honestly right now, I’m going to say original. The reboot is awesome, and getting better with every episode; it’s everything I’d have ever wanted in something like this. But for me the original is like coming home at the end of a long workday to have an old friend ready with a cup of warm tea and your favorite book.

6. Who would you like to see in the reboot and why?

GENE. Or Genie, whichever name you wanna use. Couldn’t you just imagine the awesomeness of having him pop up? bonus if he just completely breaks down dimensional walls like a certain blue Genie I could name, and implies that he’s met another Scrooge out there in the universal plains. like, HMMMM

10. Favorite episode?

For the reboot so far, a tie between The Great Dime Chase and Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System. For the original, it’s also a tie, between Back to the Klondike and Hotel Strangeduck.

What do you mean by Scrooge being written as b…

What do you mean by Scrooge being written as being cruelly cheap? I mean, what do you consider to be badly written Scrooge? For me would be Scroogre reduced to 'extremely rich' and 'extremely frugal' and nothing more

That’s basically what a poorly written Scrooge is to me, too.  I know we all associate him with cheapness, for goodness’ sake it in his name.  But many stories have taken it way, WAY too far and made it just about his only character trait, with few glimpses of his other sides, like that he actually cares, even if he puts up a huge front otherwise.

People like @land-of-birds-and-comics can point out examples of non-USA stories (new or older) than I can, but like I had in my strikeouts in the ask post, Rosa’s Scrooge displays this A LOT. I like Rosa’s stories, and the heart or humor in them, depending on the specific story of course.  But his characterization, especially of Scrooge, is…. off. He’s bitter, angry, overly aggressive, and CHEAP, and it’s so often at poor Donald’s abuse and expense too. There’s many examples I could point at, but the ending of His Fortune On the Rocks comes to mind:


Like yeah alright it’s a gag of “Who gets stuck with all the bad luck? No one but Donald Duck” in spirit, but it’s also implying that Scrooge has Donald, and Donald alone, chipping away at an entire mountainTO SELL.  All because he wouldn’t pay for a professional crew to come do it.
(To my mind Scrooge wouldn’t be afraid of doing some of the labor himself either, what’s there to be afraid of a little hard work?  Besides, his OWN labor is free And surely hiring a professional crew would be offset by the sheer profit of turning an entire mountain into gravel)

Just as a sidenote it’s not only Rosa’s Scrooge either.  It’s early Barks before his character was set in place, it’s some Scrooges across the sea, it’s even in the original DuckTales.  The late-ish episode “Yuppy Ducks” comes to mind (which is a poor episode for other reasons, but anyway), with Scrooge going to a free clinic just to save a few bucks, when we’ve SEEN that he’s not afraid of a real doctor if he’s actually sick. Sure he may quibble over costs, but we’ve still seen him literally at the doctor, or the hospital, or what have you.

So yeah, it’s stuff like that I’m thinking of when I point out Scrooge being cruelly cheap, or otherwise poorly written.  Yes Scrooge McDuck is a miser, he’s thrifty, he’s a penny pincher. It’s written into his code. But he’s so much more than that, just like Donald’s more than a luckless layabout loser, and after 70 some years of character change and development, he deserves so much more than to be written as someone who’s only got dollars on the mind.

(Disclaimer: It can be fun all the same to see him dip into this side. Like anytime he’s asked “What’s more important, your money or your LIFE!?” and he literally goes “Well…. to stop and think about it, even in the middle of the peril.  Just please, please, for the love of the heathered hills o’ Scotland, don’t make this the only thing to his character)

DuckTales (2017 and 87′) ask meme



1. Reboot or original?

2. Favorite character? 

3. Favorite AU?

4. Who do you NOT want to see in the reboot and why?

5. Favorite VA?

6. Who would you like to see in the reboot and why?

7. OTP?


9. Do you have an OC?

10. Favorite episode?

11. Favorite character design?

Hit me up, y’all. I can’t sleep and it’s been like 2 days.

Daisy Duck maybe?

Daisy Duck maybe?

favorite thing about them

She’s so supportive of Donald while still being her own duck, even if a slightly misguided one sometimes (cough)

least favorite thing about them

When she’s just Donald Duck’s Girlfriend or even worse, when she falls into the “haha women are bitter jealous shrews” writing tropes. You’ll see this a lot in the classic cartoons especially, but I think that was just the time they were written.

favorite line

It’s going to be weird thematically to point out the failings of the classic shorts and then immediately bring one up, but if favorite bits count, I’m going to mention her part in Donald’s Dream Voice. She picks his mood right up off the ground, and then the rest of the short is technically about her and how much he loves her, and it’s adorable,


Believe it or not, Scrooge! I feel like they have precious few stories between themselves (rather than “happening to appear together”) but there’s been some good ones in there. How To Induce A Miser comes to mind because it’s just got some great interactions, but my favorite would probably have to be Himalayan Hideout where they go up against Magica De Spell and WIN, because of Daisy.


They’ve had some great dealings together and genuinely care about one another, and Scrooge already treats her like one of his family even though she’s not related. I LOVE IT.

(Also, requisite “Daisy-and-Minnie” mention here as well~ )



I mean really now, c’mon.


Daisy and Gladstone, especially because 9 times out of 10 it’s only written as “to make Donald angry”

random headcanon

Donald gave her a bouquet of flowers one day, and whatever became of it (it either wilted naturally or, Donald being Donald, was struck by lightning or eaten by a goat or something on the way), she took the satiny ribbon that they were wrapped in and has repurposed it as an occasional piece of her outfit.

unpopular opinion

Is it bad that I’m not as big on Daisy as some others are?  Like, she’s awesome, don’t get me wrong. But honestly while growing up I didn’t get exposed to quite as much media with her in it as I did the others (like I had Uncle $crooge comics and a tape with a couple Donald, or Mickey-Donald-Goofy, shorts on them). She just wasn’t in many of my books and we all know she wasn’t in the original DuckTales, so I never attached to her as a kid like I did other Ducks. This is starting to change as I indulge in media now as an adult, though.

song i associate with them

I’m gonna go ahead and say Helpless from Hamilton yes yes I know hush but that’s easily 70% because it popped up on my playlist as I was writing this whole meme answer, and I was thinking that it’s a good song for her whole “hopelessly romantic” side.

favorite picture of them

Does the park walkaround count? It’s going to because look at this adorableness.