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*rubs temples* which reminds me.

Someone asked on a post a while ago who Donald’s sister is.

Short crash course if you don’t know anything about Disney Ducks;

She has different names depending on which country’s comics you are reading, but in english her name is usually ‘Della’ while in the Europe she’s generally called ‘Dumbella’. She and Donald are twins.

Della is Huey Dewey and Louis’ mom.

Long story short, she eventually couldn’t cope with the triplets any more after they set off a firecracker under their father’s chair and put him in hospital, so she effectively dumped them on Donald because “I can’t handle them any more. You take them for a while.”

If you think that’s messed up I’ll also add that Donald and his sister were not on speaking terms at this time (and remain so. Donald is also not on speaking terms with his parents).

After this, Della disappears from the picture. There’s been some problems by the comic writer’s trying to decide what to do but it is generally been decided not to elaborate on where Della is, because there is really only 2 answers. The first (and more likely) being that she just abandoned the triplets after leaving them with Donald. And the second is that she and her husband met with some accident which is why they never came back. The writers of most Disney comics decided both answers are too depressing to really explore when dealing with children, so they’ve never properly answered the question.

So that’s who Donald’s sister is.


This is unfortunately cherry-picking some facts while blatantly ignoring ongoing updates to Disney duck lore. 

There is absolutely no concrete evidence pointing to Donald and Della not being on speaking terms, let alone Donald having some issue with his parents. The original plot of Della dropping the boys off with their Uncle due to the firecracker under the chair is only mentioned in the introductory comic/cartoon with the triplets. Now what the comics tell us, Donald was raised at a young age by Grandma Duck. There was never any proof stating Della wasn’t also present, and there are now Dutch comics currently being printed showing little Della interacting with little Donald as well as little Gladstone, Gus Goose, Gyro Gearloose and even Daisy (which, admittedly, is off given that Donald shouldn’t have met either Daisy or Gus until he was older). 

In The Sign of the Triple Distlefink, we can note little Della Duck in the bottom left corner of one panel at little Gladstone’s birthday party, showing us that she is still present when the three are children. 

In Donald’s 80th anniversary comic, Donald explains that Della was ‘the bravest girl in Duckburg’ and that when he decided to be a sailor as a child, Della proclaimed interest in becoming a pilot.

We’re also introduced to the updated explanation behind why she left the boys with their Uncle as well as why we haven’t seen Della since. She took a mission putting her in space piloting a brand new design of spaceship, where she was supposed to fly the ship until the fuel tank was half empty then turn around and come back. This mission was only supposed to take an hour but due to time dilation, the half hour it took for her to reach a half empty tank equaled out to something like eight years Earth-time. 

As for Hortense and Quackmore, Donald and Della’s parents, we don’t have any information at all. We know they argued with Scrooge when he became a miser but they had their kids with them, they didn’t abandon them. We don’t know what happened to them but I’m confident the comics will provide an answer to that eventually.

Not knowing what to do with adult Della or her husband was a problem Don Rosa specifically had (Carl Barks waffled about Della’s existence. In one of Barks’ Duck Family Trees, Della is labeled ‘Thelma’, and is sometimes still referred to as Thelma by some fans today). He’s the one who felt that no matter what option they went with (abandonment or death), the story would be too dark or sad for Disney audiences but the comics have been handed over to new writers. We don’t know where canon will go in the future but it’s silly to ignore new information in favor of what little there is based on bits of information and a lot of missing facts.