Hey hey.. Any more HDL sad HCs? Maybe? :’D

,I’m glad you asked, because sad HCs are my favourite things to imagine… oh boy here we go.

– We could see in the promos and the opening an overprotective Donald about the triplets falling overboard and drowning. And i’ve seen a lot of people suspecting this could have something to do with Della. There are two possibilities : the one where Della actually drowned and that’s why Donald is panicking at the simple idea of the triplets left alone at sea. But if you’d like to consider Della being alive, maybe she experienced a situation where she was about to drown as a kid. But in both cases, it would be Donald’s fault, and a real trauma. Every time the triplets are swimming he sees the helpless eyes of his sister and he freaks out.

– if Scrooge and Donald start fighting over things you will hear me screaming all the way from Italy – They’re never violent towards each other, but their words are. Very hurtful. Bringing painful memories. In my HCs, Scrooge is not as omnipresent in Don’s young life as his grandmother was, but he played nevertheless a great role in his life. Don knew about his life of adventurer, and he always admired his courageous attitude facing danger. But life wasn’t all black or white. Scrooge disappointed him at times. Like when he didn’t come (on purpose ? Don never knew) to his soccer games, when he didn’t come for most of his birthdays even though he promised, when he never really showed any interest in his 8-year-old stories, even though Don took great pride in telling him that he knocked a bully out.

So the thought that Scrooge didn’t really care about him settled in Donald’s mind, and this thought couldn’t go over the years, even when his uncle saved him from dangerous situations.

– Scrooge quietly freaking out about the boys’ safety in his own mind because Donald is already panicking way too much and he really doesn’t need him to panick as well. He’s Uncle Scrooge. He can’t be afraid. He can’t cry. Right?

– Imagine Dewey and Donald arguing over how overprotective Donald is and how it really stifle them sometimes. They then come to a non-return point where it’s really tense and Huey and Louie just want to disappear from the room. And Dewey shouts : “What do YOU know ? You’re not my father!

He immediatly understands that he’s been too far, but too late, Donald looks like he’s been slapped and for like, 10 seconds, he’s unable to answer. Because, it’s true that he’s their uncle, not their father, but the meaning of it in Dewey’s mouth is : “you’re not my father, you’re just a stranger to me”. And it hurts Donald far more than he would expect it to.

“I may not be your father, he answers, but i take care of you on a daily basis. I care for you. All of you. I care because i love you.”

He trembles a bit at the end and finds out he cannot say another word, so he just goes in his room to reflect a bit alone while Huey and Louie just KILL Dewey with a single glance.

(then Dewey just goes to apologize to Donald and they hug it out because he didn’t mean to say that)

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