DuckTales Thing of Interest


To the duck fans among you ( @quack-a-roonie, @duckversed, etc.)… weren’t you annoyed at the weirdly Unrosalike designs of Hortense and Quackmore in the new DuckTales? Well, I think I know where they got them from. Don’t you find this picture quite evocative?

It’s from the old, pre-Rosa family tree based on Barks’s note that Mark Worden published in 1981.

Yeah I noticed that! I see more Carl Barks influence from what we’ve seen so far than that of Don Rosa’s influence. I wasn’t annoyed per say, but I was wondering where any Rosa stuff would come in. But it is theit choice and they aren’t heavily basing everything off of just the comics, which is fine by me.

I do wish to see influence from Don and other storytellers as well!