disneytva: ‘Doctor Who’ fans, rejoice! Catherine Tate joins…


‘Doctor Who’ fans, rejoice! Catherine Tate joins David Tennant on the cast of ‘DuckTales’

In this exclusive clip from the next episode, “Terror of the Terra-firmians!,” Magica tries to get her niece, Lena, to abandon a helpless Mrs. Beakley. Magica was one of Scrooge’s major foils in both the comics as well as the original DuckTales series and Tate will continue to voice the Sorceress of Shadows on a recurring basis in the new show as well. In previous versions, Magica was obsessed with stealing Scrooge’s No. 1 Dime so she could give herself the Midas Touch. This time, it appears she’s driven by revenge and she’ll use Lena to infiltrate the McDuck family.