I know you said that your requests were closed, but I seem to keep missing every time you open them. So, I thought you might consider this for next time? If so, then I was hoping you’d do something really simple. All I want is a doodle of 1987 Fenton. You draw so well and I don’t get enough Fenton on my dash. If you choose not to, I completely understand.


There’s no prob :3 Fenton deserves more love ;A; Can’t wait to see him again. It has been a while since tha last time I drew the old Fenton. I really loved his personality. I hope to have that in the new Fenton. Anyways I’ll always love him. (The only thing I’m gonna miss is him being Scrooge’s accountant xD).

Doodle requests are closed.(Since that last request I mentioned it’s going to be a big project, I decided to took this and the other request as some kind of bonus :>).