Scrooge Will Be In 18 More Episodes In S1. You Can Stop Calling It “The Webby Show” Now.


Thank you for pointing this out. Scrooge wasn’t even in all the episodes of the original DuckTales. Nor was Launchpad, or Webby and the boys. And even in some episodes that Scrooge WAS in, he only had bit parts like appearing at the beginning and the end, and that was it. Like Frank mentions, the reboot is an ensemble show and focus shifts as it needs to.

Remember that while it’s got a big tophat to fill, it’s also crafting its own universe and wants to stand on its own. All I’m saying is, give it that chance to. The airing hasn’t been ideal, we all know this. If you ask me that’s even more reason to do so, because then once they’re all out you can watch them like it was intended.