Anaise (Anna)

▪ Name: Anaise (Anna/Annabelle) Bella Ravenscroft
▪ Aka; Agent Valor (For S.H.U.S.H)

▪ Age: 33 (Born: March 11th)

▪ Gender: Female

▪ Orientation: Biromantic / Asexual
▪ (Has a crush on Darkwing)

▪ Species: Pekin Duck / Wood Duck Hybrid

▪ Appearance: Mostly a white feathered Duck, Anna has her black hair pulled into a messy bun; her tail and stomach are colored black, while she has brown speckled feathers around her face and beak. She either wears a mixed martial arts uniform or suit while on the job. While off her job, she wears t-shirts or flannel shirts.

▪ Height: (Same height as Fenton Crackshell)

▪ Place of Birth: Duckburg, Calisota ; Moved to St. Canard after becoming an agent of S.H.U.S.H

▪ Occupation: Atheletic Director for S.H.U.S.H; Also trains new agents and old/ occasionally works part-time at her friend’s bakery in Duckburg

▪ Personality: Energetic, Patient, Smart; but is an overthinker, kind-hearted, generous, protective, can be nervous at times, honest, determined, loyal (almost blindly loyal- she’s let herself get hurt and not done anything about it), clever, humorous, brave, hard-headed, friendly, stubborn

▪ Extra: Anna’s agent name “Valor”, was given to her during a simple field mission- which turned out to be a massive heist involving Taurus Bulba. Most other crime fighters and police enforcers would run , knowing they were outmatched; Anna stood her ground. Her bravery was stunning, as she was completely overpowered by the massive Bull. During her obviously feeble attempt at apprehending him, she gained a few fractured ribs and other broken bones in return for her “Foolishness.”

My baby girl oc, Anna!! Or, her bio anyways!!