rubbersoles19: The Studio of Darkwing DuckChapter 4: St. Canard’s FinestFic summary: “Daring. Bold….


The Studio of Darkwing Duck

Chapter 4: St. Canard’s Finest

Fic summary: “Daring. Bold. Heroic.” All words that described “Darkwing Duck”, a show that was considered the Prime of children’s Saturday Morning Cartoons for its full three years of running. That is, until everything went wrong. The conspiracies starting flowing, the gossip started spreading, and among the turbulent times and insider magazines, “Darkwing Duck’s” lead actor, head writer, and original visionary, Drake Mallard, quite suddenly vanished. Now, five years later, something, or someone, is trying to bring Drake Mallard, and Darkwing Duck, back into the spotlight and resurrect the old show and character, a duo that Drake, more than anyone, wants to keep dead.

Chapter Summary: A new, dangerous player enters the mix, and Drake and Gosalyn find themselves at the mercy of some corrupt “public heroes.” Portia Featherly, on the wings of the danger, introduces a new element to the mystery.

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