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Welcome Home, Gosalyn (mini)

I’ve been a huge fan of @soup-du-silence‘s Gosalyn design for a long time, and have been meaning to draw some fanart for it. Soup and I had a really lengthy discussion recently about Nega!Gosalyn the other day, and decided she’d end up somewhere between Gosalyn’s greatest nemesis/”daddy issues with a chainsaw”, and I couldn’t resist to draw that.

Having given up her own happiness for the other Gosalyn years ago, and having been repeatedly denied and abandoned by Negaduck, unless he needed something, Nega!Gosalyn became obsessed with the happiness and health of Quiverwing Quack and Darkwing’s partnership. She started fighting Quiverwing harder, faster, stronger, to make the hero-in-training a better partner for Darkwing. But it usually stayed professional. Here, however, Nega!Gos has just remembered that this Gosalyn had a father in Drake Mallard, the father she gave Gosalyn all those years ago, and that this Gosalyn is away to college. Enraged, she kidnaps the real Goslayn and poses as her duplicate to try to make the family relationship the best it can be, the best Gosalyn never cared to make it.

Again, this amazing design is entirely Soup’s. Their art is amazing and if you aren’t following them, why not???

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