What do you think about alternate language character names? like Magica to Amelia or Mrs. Crackshell to Gloria Paperconchiglia(Yes, she actually has a first name in Italy)

They have their own names in each country, which is cool. In Egypt, the characters have no last names and even their first names are punny or cute.

Examples of names:
Battoot (~Ducky) – Donald
Gadda Batta (~Grandma Duck)
Aam Dahab (~Uncle Gold) – Scrooge
Susu,Tutu,Lulu – Huey, Dewey and Louie
Farfour (~Energetic/Excitable Kid) – Fethry
Mah-zouz (~Lucky/Blessed One) – Gladstone
Zizi – Daisy
Marmar – Della
Sonya – Magica
Yaqoot (~Sapphire) – Flintheart

(All Rs in Arabic are rolling Rs)

The only characters I know of whose names weren’t changed are Mickey, and Goldie of all people, for some reason.