splatterphoenixart: FuriousHonestly, shipping DW and LP never…



Honestly, shipping DW and LP
never occurred to me. Why? Well, possibly first of all because I felt
that Drake was much older than Launchpad (with the former hitting his
forties and the latter being more in his twenties). And secondly, Drake
surely regarded LP as a good friend, but at the same time as his
sidekick and gofer. So… no. It never occurred to me. Especially not
when I watched the show for the first time at seven and a half years. 😉 However, @ladyariaa drew such adorable DW/LP-artworks that I felt like contributing
something in a similar vein. It can be interpreted in any way you like.
Inktober-prompt 21, “Furious”, was a perfect chance to sketch a slightly
different side of Launchpad McQuack.