adamarinayu: I swear these are the last screen…


I swear these are the last screenshots I’ll post, but I just really want to talk about this scene. I’ve wanted to since the first time I saw it, but now I feel like I finally know what I want to say.

I cannot stress how much I absolutely loved this scene. It feels like this was the first glimpse of Adventurer!Donald we got.

He saw Dewey was in danger and looked around. In less than a second, as Dewey was jumping onto the bridge of lazer sensor things, he had a solution. And man, he went for it. Look at that awesome posing during this sequence. Donald wasn’t being played for a laugh at this moment- in fact, he was juxtaposed with Dewey, who wasn’t taking this seriously at all. Donald was the serious character in this scene. 

So this shows us a little bit of what Donald is capable of, and this scene is one of the reasons I was so, so disappointed in the more recent comic. I was hoping to see more of this from Donald, not… what we got. I’m hoping beyond hope that this Donald is what the show gives us when the time is right.

Donald is clearly able to think on his feet, which shows that he’s a bit more clever than his other animated iterations (if, you know, the way he tricked Scrooge into agreeing to take the boys for the day didn’t already clue you into that fact).
He’s also risking his own safety here- the way he’s holding that shield, if this wasn’t a cartoon his fingers would be burned. In fact, we see near the end of this sequence that his hands are burning.

He holds that shield there as long as he can, until the pressure builds up and the burning-hot shield knocks him aside.

If this weren’t a cartoon, Donald would be so injured right now.

The bottom line is this scene is probably my favourite from the entire show so far, and gives me high hopes for how DuckTales 2017 (the show, the comic’s already let me down) will treat Donald. I really, really hope to see more moments like this, where we can actually feel like he used to be an adventurer. Where we can actually think Webby’s words, “Donald Duck is one of the most daring adventurers of all time!” was truth and not just inflated fangirl dreaming.

Give me more Donald thinking on his feet and risking himself to save his family (which he did a surprising amount of times throughout the comics), give me a Donald who is confident and competent at least sometimes, give me a Donald who can be bad luck and clumsy and still have his adventurous BAMF moments like this, as small as they might be. We got some of it in Daytrip of Doom and House of the Lucky Gander, but in a more comedic fashion than this scene. This scene just… really caught my attention, and I hope for future scenes that do the same.