Want to watch the DuckTales Movie? ‘Course ya do! Something I’ve mentioned in Discord but haven’t yet done was host a Rabbit stream of the movie so, that’s what I’m doing this weekend!  And sporadically through December since I tend to double feature it with Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

I’ll post the link when the stream is up but for now, this is general information. Tonight, Saturday the 25th, I’m looking at around 12 midnight Eastern US for the first showing, to be repeated later in the night as needed. Yes I know that’s late, but that tends to jive better with my own schedule.  However, this is also why I’ll be running it during Sunday afternoon. And at different times during December so if you miss out, don’t worry. There’ll be plenty more chances.

There’s no Discord, no microphones, no anything special needed, except maaaybe a Rabbit account if you want to use the chat? I’m unclear about that, but anyway!  This post is an announcement of intent, and there’ll be an actual post with stream link up around 11 PM and be open all night. Ditto for future events, including Sunday’s stream, it’ll be open about an hour beforehand; though I can’t promise any daytime streams to last forever like latenight ones do.  Streams are also usually bookended by episodes of the original DuckTales or Sport Goofy, or Scrooge McDuck and Money to fill in space.

Hope to see you then!