I think it’s cool how everyone who’s read the comics has a different favorite story based on their own experiences, what’s printed in their country, or just their own personal tastes.  

Like, I’ve mentioned it a couple times before but my own favorite is The Money Well. It’s a perfectly standard Duck story- the Beagles are a threat, Scrooge messes things up worse by trying to stay a step ahead of them, there’s a final showdown -but for me, this one is extra special because I remember it so clearly from my youth. I remember being told that I learned to read on the box of comics my parents had (which were a mixture of ones including ducks), and The Money Well is the story I remember best.

Plus, how iconic is it where Scrooge BLOWS HIMSELF UP because the running theme is how his glasses are wearing out and he can’t see a damn thing anymore?

And don’t forget this excellent cover by Don Rosa when the story was reprinted in Uncle Scrooge Adventures in 1994. 

So!  I’m curious.  What’s your favorite and why?  Is it a story you remember from a kid, or is it something you found as you got older?  Maybe it’s the comic form of a DuckTales episode, or it’s something unique to your country.  Could be an obscure little tale, or hell even something you saw in Disney Adventures once.  I just wanna see what wide gamut we run of different stories because like I said at the start, this is just fascinating to me.  And my favorite thing about Duck fandom, how there’s SO MUCH that it’s unique for everybody.