Friends that I adore to no enD:

@zumidotexe – ZUMIIIII! I love that we can connect through Ducks and talk for hours on end while watching Duck stuff and just talking!! A super sweet friend with such an awesome style!!!!!!!

@squipusaur – Squip!!!!! Your giggle!! It’s! So! Cute!!!!!! I love your soft art style!!!

@thepineapplegiraffe – Pine, I love you dude! You’ve basically become family to me and I love all your stupid and fantastic memes as well as you very presence!!!! I love you friendo!

@astro-no – You always pull the “Astro” by not speaking in call but those chats wouldn’t be the same without you GOSH keep being you

@sarroora – Ahhh??? I always get excited seeing your messages in the Discord server because you bring so much life?

@i-restuff – Friendo, you are so precious and adorable and so talented at what you do!!!

@mickeyandscroogefangirl – Sweet and energetic; I love seeing the things you post

@snowballflo – Fantastic art and the biggest and kindest most generous heart I’ve known

@dawnbuneary – Good God I love seeing your edits and getting into calls with you on Discord because a sweet heart you Are! ♡

@louietheeviltriplet – Shadow!!! The bae honestly!!! I love your squishy and soft face and your voice!!! Your art and just you in general!!!! ajdiwjsjshsjssndiajsj

— For those I don’t know your Tumblr—

@ Lou! – Ahhh!!! I love that we can talk about Star Wars together and Ducks!!! You are super talented at music and very knowledgeable and I’m glad we know each other!!!

@ LP/Romy – A sweetheart with just such a calming voice and so energetic, I smile when I see your messages!!!