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Please if you can donate anything go to this link: https://www.gofundme.com/lauras-creek-fire-relief-fund

And if you can’t donate please reblog this post!

The Co-Producer of DuckTales, Frank Angones (on Tumblr @suspendersofdisbelief) tweeted about a member of the DuckTales team losing her house in the California wildfires. They have a GoFundMe to help her out in this rough time.

In order to drum up some interest, Frank tweeted what @queenbean03 posted in her screenshot. It’s mostly cheeky, I’m sure, but hey – who wouldn’t want their name floating around somewhere in the DuckTales Writers’ Room, right? 😜

Surely, as DuckTales fans, we can do our part and help the wonderful people who work on our favorite show. Donate a little bit! Or a lot! Give the mysterious Not-Roxanne dog a name fifty times over!