Hey,what do you like about Scrooge McDuck? And…

Hey,what do you like about Scrooge McDuck? And how did you find out about him? I found about him as a kid and loved him since.

To answer the second question first, I first found out about him when I was small.  My dad had a box of old comic books and in there were, among other series that I’d read, were some old Uncle $crooges.  I would read them all the time, apparently even learning TO read on some of them (which I’ve talked about before~ ).  I was also little when the first DuckTales came out, so there was that too!

As for what I like about him, is everything a good enough answer?  He’s such a well-rounded character (not to say that the other Ducks aren’t, of course), and you can do endless things with him.  I enjoy comic and animated versions equally; the comic Scrooge is bitter but good-natured, is absolutely RIDICULOUS in the schemes he tries to pull off (keyword: tries), and you never really know what he’s going to do next but at the same time he’s endlessly predictable.  It’s a great blend.  And as for the animated Scrooge, he’s got this Everybody’s Grandfather/Uncle attitude that can be a great thing to come home to at the end of a long day (read: my best cheer-up for when I’m low is putting on the original DuckTales), but so too does he have his jerk moments, his bitter attitude, his “/SPINNING DOLLAR SIGN EYES” stuff that’s so great about Scrooge in general.

I just love Scrooge, good and bad sides.  He’s been with me, in its own way, since I was a tiny little thing, and I wouldn’t want a time without that.