Oh wow! a veteran Uncle Scrooge fan and do you…

Oh wow! a veteran Uncle Scrooge fan and do you prefer original Ducktales with Alan Young or the new one with David Tennant? I've been an Alan Young girl since I was kid.There's that grandfatherly classiness in the way Young does Scrooge which is why I like him and I found out about Scrooge from watching Twice Upon a Christmas on DVD with my cousins and started having a fascination with his aristocratic snobbishness and fierce temper (like Donald).I loved him since and I have wishes of wealth.

Alan Young will always be my Scrooge.  Like, there’s something enjoyable about the way any of Scrooge’s VAs have done him– Bill Thompson (”Scrooge McDuck and Money”) and the charming rhymes; Will Ryan (”Sport Goofy in Soccermania”) and his spirit and the immortal “A͘N̸D͟ ͠WI͠N BĄCK ḾY͠ ̀TRO̵PH̛YY̧Y̧YY̢Y̶Y

; Tennant and his…. Scottishness and everything else –but Young has exactly what you said.  A grandfatherliness to him that still has potential for that McDuck temper and stinginess.  He’s the Scrooge I grew up with, and nobody’ll ever top him in my own personal book, even with as good a Scrooge as Tennant is (and he’s a GREAT Scrooge, don’t get me wrong).

Besides, nobody does Scrooge’s laugh quite like Alan Young did.