That laugh he has is LIFE! And really love tha…

That laugh he has is LIFE! And really love that he also sings. Yes Alan Young lives in my heart.❤❤❤❤ and how Scrooge gets a lot,lot more girls than Donald like,Magica,Goldie,and Brigitta . I think it must be the sideburns and the trillions and that loving feeling you get from him.

(2/3) I’ve seen that laugh video you sent me.It’s soooooo cute, and you can’t help but laugh along with him. And have you seen the"sea monster ate my ice cream" thing? It’s so LOL!


Who did you like Scrooge to be with? Was it Goldie,Brigitta,or Magica? I can’t decide either.

Scrooge really does get a lot of girls, whether you look at DuckTales or the comics.  Maybe it’s the accent? ;P

His laugh is absolutely precious, and yes I’ve seen that seamonster clip XD The entire special that clip came from well, barring the third part is great, I could watch it several times honestly.  Like the nephews unknowingly knocking out Scrooge in the beginning of the second part, OOPS.

Personally, I prefer Scrooge and Goldie.  I do enjoy the Scrooge/Magica ship, but Scrooge/Goldie will always be my OTP.  As for Brigitta, I don’t like her much at all, period.  She has her moments, but I really, REALLY hate the way she’s usually written. It’d be creepy if the stalking and “forcing to be together” was the other way around, and it’s a real double standard that’s just… uncomfortable to read.