Here’s to the ones we’ve collected along the w…


This has been a crazy, wild year for me. Like, intensely crazy. So much has happened, so much has changed, and so much has begun. here’s to some of the ones I’ve collected along the way!

@indecisive-llama: My absolute best friend in the whole wide world. This girl is a dangerous agent of chaos with a sassy side just slightly bigger than her golden heart. Indy, you’re my baby, confident, best friend, and forever. I am so thankful to have you in my life, and love and appreciate you more than you may ever realize. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love you long time!

@reverseblackholeofwords: Chrysler is a sweet, precious, and sugary Southern Belle whom I adore. She’s amazingly talented and secretly sassy, and it’s always refreshing to have another writer in my circle. Chrysler, I’m so glad we became friends this year. I love you very, very much, and appreciate the way we can hurt each other with our writing. It’s truly a unique relationship!

@rebellingstagnationblog: Reese’s is another talented writer I’ve grown close to, and is everything I want to be when I grow up. Her writing, like her personality, is deep and sincere, and she’s extremely generous. This writing adventure with you has been insane, and an amazing learning experience. Thank you for trusting me, and investing your time in a youngster like myself! I hope rehearsals go well!

@stasaface: Everything’s bigger in Texas, and Sassafrass’s heart of kindness and goodness is proof of that! A wise, compassionate person she is, but a push-over she is not. We’ve had some great time, Sassa, and I wish us many more in the future! I can’t thank you enough for all your support and companionship in these recent times. You decided I wouldn’t be alone, and for that I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

@angstphilosophy: AP is a bro I haven’t talked to as much as I should (curse you school!) but is a real bro. Always has been. Not only is he totally down to cry about attractive looking Youtubers, but he’s nuts when it comes to theories, and a fantastic listener. Here’s too many, many more stories, my dude!

@meryguillan: What an absolute sweetheart! We haven’t been talking for very long, but I immensely enjoy our conversations and swapping pictures of our cats! Mery is so kind and gentle, and her personality is bubbly and warm. I hope we can remain friends into the new year and beyond!

@tazmanianbrit: Cheerio, love! I have SO enjoyed watching Tazzie grow and blossom this year. She’s an excellent listener, very creative, and diligent, reliable, hard worker. Tazzie is one of the biggest fans of *AMADEUS, and I love and adore her for it. Here’s to even bigger, better edits and collabs in the years to come!

@game-of-grump: WE NEED TO TALK MORE. GG was one of the first friends I ever made on Tumblr, and still remains very special. An aspiring artist, she is sensitive and kind, and I’ve never seen someone such a big fan of the Game Grumps in my life! Love you girl!

@leviprime, @teh-bluejay, @raidenraccoon, @ladyariaa, @quack-a-roonie, and @splatterphoenixart are my Duckverse homebodies! These crazy characters will always have my back in anything duck related ever, and I appreciate and adore this small community we’ve built. Your ongoing support and encouragement have meant the world, and make all my efforts worth it! (Also, I haven’t abandoned All My Ducks, I promise)

@frozenseas, @maybekatie, @adorkwithhats, @fallskima, @super-magical-wizard, @the-east-hunter, @jenni-with-an-i, @carmenthefoxy13, @odia13, @evanisonfire, @tntgirl31, @pizza13598, and everyone else that supports the comic: Hello! I love you all, very, very much. Some of you I’ve talked to before, some of you I’ve only interacted with on the comic itself, but I appreciate all of you more than you could ever realize. I know this isn’t close to all of the regulars, but for now, it’s a pretty solid start. And to Frozone, Faller, Katie, and the rest of the my stream buddies, an extra big thank you for following me on that platform as well. And Dork, thank you so, so much, for all your support for the comic with your kind words and beautiful art (I’m still stunned with it every time I see it, tbh). To everyone, thank you!

And to everyone else out there I may have forgotten, I’m sorry. I really, really do love you all. I wish everyone a fun, safe New Years! In 2018, remember: be wise, be kind, be safe, be brave, and have a heckin’ good time!!


Friendo, your writing is just amazing and you’re super talented at what you do! Getting tagged in the things you post always gets me excited and puts a smile on my face; you were one of the things that made my 2017 so fantastic!!!!