Bile, Bitter, and Cold

Chapter 10: Merry Christmas to all…

Fic Summary:

(Side-installment of @rebellingstagnationblog’s “A Very Merry Geronimo Christmas” in her “Geronimo” series.)

Christmas is… complicated. It’s always complicated with Negaduck. Especially when Gosalyn was involved. Especially since he went missing for years on end. Especially since Quiverwing Quack had rebuilt the Negaverse in his absence. Especially since her life began to grow onward without him.

And especially since no one in the dual-universes had time for the recently, and brutally, tortured duck.

Disclaimer: @rebellingstagnationblog is a super amazing person, and has allowed me to publish a few one-shots of my own handling how Negaduck copes with Christmas this year when the others don’t have time for him and his recent physical/psychological torture. This does take place in her “Geronimo” universe, so you should probably read that first. Heck, you should read that anyway. It’s a great series.

Rated T for physical/psychological torture and other unsightly characters.

No additional warnings for Chapter 10

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