sarroora: ~Happy New Year, everybody~I wish y…


~Happy New Year, everybody~

I wish you all happiness, health, prosperity, and peace. May it be the year where we fulfill some of our aspirations that we’ve been striving for all our lives, and overcome the things that made us sad and lonely.

I’m worried I’ll forget to mention someone, so please consider yourself mentioned! I enjoy talking to all of you, you’ve inspired me, made me laugh, encouraged me, and served to remind me again and again that the world is huge, but people are more alike than they think.

I hope you have a wonderful new year, @i-restuff @spacedpanini @down-in-duckburg


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Awww gosh, Sarroora! That means a lot coming from You!! You’ve been such a sweet and kind person to talk to, and I’m honored you consider me a friend! Your art is just as fantastic as your adorable personality, and I always love seeing your messages in the Discord server!!! The knowledge you share of Ducks and the comics you’ve translated are great little snippets of our beloved characters!! Happy New Year friendo and I can’t wait to share and experience more duck stories with You!