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Nicknames: Em, Dab, Dabwing, Haunts!

Gender: Female

Sign: Pisces

Height: 5′7″

Time: 3:15 AM

Birthday: March 9th

Fav bands: Imagine Dragons, ELO, The Go-Gos

Fav solo artists: Zack Hemsey

Song stuck in my head: Friends on the other side – Princess and the Frog 

Last movie I saw: Dreamworks Home (If going by theater, The Last Jedi)

Last show I watched: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

When did I create my blog: Who knows 

What do I post: Ducks!!

Last thing I Googled: “Sounds of Saturn”

Do I have any other blogs: Four my dudes

Do I get asks: Rarely, but that’s fine by me!

Why did I chose my URL: Huey, Dewey, and Louie used this as a saying in the original Ducktales!

Following: 146

Followed by: 708

Average hours of Sleep: *insert shrug emoji here*

Instruments: None

What I am wearing: Black Panther shirt and Gym Shorts

Dream job: Disney Parks Cast Member!

Dream trip: Each of the Disney Parks!

Fav food: Peaches

Fav song: Don’t bring me Down – ELO

Last book I read: Star Wars Imperial Handbook

Top 3 fictional universes I wanna join: Star Wars, World of Warcraft, and The Disney universe

I tag: @sarroora , @tricia-morvill (if you want!), @insomniz , @land-of-birds-and-comics , @zumidotexe , @calisotas , @mistermcdee