YouTube Monetization

So to be eligible for monetization on Youtube, it used to be that you needed a minimum of 100 subscribers and 10,000 total views on your channel. It used to be 4,000 but they upped it to 10. Fine, I can understand that, YouTube would want to make sure your channel was being watched, fine. I have a tiny channel, it took me a year before I reached my current subscriber count, which is a smidge over 150 but I’d made it. I wasn’t making much, really, but I was excited I was making anything at all.

I now have to somehow accrue 900 more subscribers and 4,000 *hours* of watchtime in order to be eligible again. All this serves to show is that YouTube doesn’t think my time is worth anything. I’ve devoted so much time and effort to my videos and they’re just not worth the few cents I was making. 

I haven’t finished this month’s video yet and I’ve lost a lot of motivation to do so…I still will, sometime this week perhaps, but honestly I don’t feel like my videos are really offering anything special. I know I do have some real fans, people who’ve been with me since my first few videos and I don’t want to disappoint those people so the video will be up. I guess I was hoping that I could try making something for these videos so I could put more into them; buy better programs, for starters. I guess that’s just not happening, not anytime soon.