Hey there, everybody. I want to apologize for not updating and in general being out of touch lately.  I’ve been going through a real depressive slump lately, and it’s been hard to get up the will to do things I enjoy, and maintaining this blog was one of the affected.  That compounded on top of some other stresses I had regarding this blog (nothing that’s anything worth talking about), and updating this became more of a chore than anything else. 

That being said, I want to continue this.  I just passed 800 followers, which is really incredible, and makes me want to continue putting out content for you guys.  But with that I also wanted to be upfront about where I’ve been, and it’s been all depression and stress. I’ve been out of touch on Tumblr and on Discord, and I’m sorry about that.  Effective immediately this blog is getting updates again, and I’m going to start being around… more.  It might be slow at first because I’m still mentally kneecapped, but I’m going to do my best.

Thank you for your patience, your shared fandom love, and for following me. Onward to ducks, for the forseeable future o/