One thing to say in this blog is that… please wait for the new Episodes of Ducktales to come out

No offense to some people but…

sure, it’s been a while ever since December, I get it, but the animators, the writers, and everyone are doing their best in order to make it the best show right now, so please just take some time, and I’m sure it’ll be worth it


((Coming from the perspective of an “old” fanboy who grew up with the original series I was pretty surprised that the series was rebooted in the first place, so I just feel lucky to have the 10 we got.  Yeah I definitely look forward to more but I’ve waited 27 years between new episodes so TBH this hiatus feels basically like a school weekend to me.))

Same here, @unclescrooge

I was in the Darkwing Duck comics fanbase too, when they first rolled out in 2010. They ended, and we had to wait a year or two before the comics we already had were rereleased in a new omnibus, annnd wait some more before eight new comics came out. Then those plowed to a halt and there is nothing in the works for the series to continue as far as we know. It IS Very frustraing to be a Disney Duck fan. There is not much merchandise, there are not many episodes available on dvd, and right now there is nothing on tv. But as long as we keep our love for these awesome characters boiling, soon enough something will arise.

We still have the new Ducktales comics. We still have Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck comics. Support those as much as you can. We have new (as of November 2017) Funko merchandise out now (check out my Funko tags) AND we have plushies and figurines coming out this year! Woo hoo! It’s an awesome time to be a Ducktales fan! Hang in there, Dears! It may be a slow moving train, but it’s on the rails at least! 🙂

I’m constantly waiting for something or other anyway, so the hiatus fits right into my life lol.