Disney Duck-Inspired 5E Race


Good news, everyone!

My DnD 5E custom race based on the Disney Duck universe is now available up on DnD Beyond at the following link:

Wakahnka at DnD Beyond

Oh happy day!  For those of you who don’t use DnD Beyond but want a copy of the race, you can find it here on Google Docs:

Wakahnka at Google Docs

Special thanks to @zumidotexe for the custom artwork that was so good it actually triggered an original rejection of the race based on copyright grounds because it matched the Disney style so well that the moderators thought I’d stolen Disney assets.  I had to resubmit after telling the moderators that, yes, it is original art done in the Disney style and wasn’t stolen from actual Disney artwork.  (Not that I blame them because of the lawsuit nightmares that would’ve happened if I really had stolen it!)

And as a nice preview of things to come, I’m going to link the initial draft of the “Lucky” variant (for those of you who want to play a Gladstone Gander as opposed to a Donald Duck) here:

Variant Wakahnka at Google Docs

I’ll make sure to update the links as soon as possible!

Yooo everybody look at my friend’s work~ I was absolutely tickled pink to have the chance to do the art for this, even with a little ahfhdjsn at what happened after. If you play D&D or are thinking about it, can confirm, the wakahnka are FUN AS HELL to play. Go forth and be adventure ducks!

…okay that was a little “I’ve been awake for three years” rambly but basically yes please check out this awesome race.