land-of-birds-and-comics: duckburg courier ad…


duckburg courier advertisements:

  • who’s got the longest beak, the largest flatfeet or the thickest plumage? the great book of duckords
  • fethry’s yodelling certificates
  • three chatter taft (pun on “three weather taft” shampoo idk if you have that) for perfectly preserved featherstyles
  • the heater for your feathers, click of a button and your plumage warms up even in the freezing cold (sold at the pharmacy so you know it’s legit)
  • square soccer balls, no more rolling away from you
  • car mechanic, you demolish it, we repair it
  • olympic medals for sale for those who earned none
  • magica de spell, professional witch, magic potions, seances, curses and transmogrifications