Flintheart Glomgold

Flintheart Glomgold

(i’m using the comic Glomgold here, ok? ok)

Sexuality Headcanon:

Actually hard for me to say, is he gay, bisexual or pretended to be asexual most time of his life… 

Gender Headcanon:


A ship I have with said character:

I can see him with someone who can’t leave him indifferent, who can compete him, who can drive him mad and make him feel something out of his money-making routine. Someone who can make him show his best and worst. Yes, you get it right, GlomScrooge is my fave) Also Scrooge is only one who really can handle Flinty (because he is not an angel boy himself).

Also I love Glomgold/Rockerduck like really unhealthy relationship or maddeningly different persons with some similar interests who suddenly fall for each other. It’s won’t be for long.

A BROTP I have with said character:

With Magica. We see these two villains together only in, around, 34 stories (and no guarantee they even sit in the same room), let them plot something more against Scrooge together! Also Slackjaw, like a typical nephew, but it could be interesting relationship, if write their motivation to wok together correct. 

A NOTP I have with said character:

It’s more hard to find BROTP for him, you know! Look, he seems so misanthropic, toxic, bad at  building the simple relationship with people. But it’s always interesting when he enter relationships with someone, what he’s gonna get from it and how it’s going to end. So I think have no NOTP for Flintheart, all shipping could be interesting with him. 

A random headcanon:

– Glomgold’s fortune was build up not only on diamonds and other precious minerals, but also on the arms trading, especially during one of the many wars, including Boer war II. And not exactly on the Boer side…

– He was a child of a big family, but have really stained relationships with most of his siblings (and doesn’t feel bad about it). In my personal HC he can’t even return to his old farm without a risk of been shooted.  

– he have some scars on his face but successfully hides it under the beard   

General Opinion over said character:

Flintheart is my favorite villain of Uncle Scrooge comics. As a doppelganger he shares an interests and lifestyle with Scrooge but many dark things in his character was kinda’ doubled. He is loner but he’s cool with it and really doesn’t need anyone at all. He can be really spiteful, perfidious and dangerous, and you need to be afraid and reckon with him. He have special relationship with Scrooge and it’s always interesting to look at how it’s starts and proceeds in different comics from different authors:  where they met in their young ages; was Glomgold’s anger based only on their competition over “richest duck title” or something more; what could it possibly come to? Flintheart can trying to win a title and abase Scrooge for years,he can try to destroy him or his life and take his place (how he will live after this? also interesting theme). Or he’ll  recognize his true feelings and insanity and try to leave without Scrooge and goddamn title or change their relationship in something productive and better? IDK, but I want to see all of this possibilities.