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Barks Scrooge being a manipulative bastard.

This is actually the best Scrooge-family dynamic, and I want all the writers to stop using the: I’ll kick you out of your home if you don’t come with me, and instead start using the: I guess I’ll go alone then because my family is all cowards, instead. 

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

i feel i’ve said this before but it’s just better in so many ways. it displays actual cunning on scrooge’s part, he’s not just forcing them to do something because he has them at his mercy, he’s playing on their personalities. less bully, more con man.

it works as genuine motivation, too. both methods promise a positive consequence for going as well as a negative consequence for not going, but if the positive consequence is just “i’ll totally pay you this time” then whether they actually get that is still in scrooge’s hands and nine times out of ten they don’t. if it’s “you’ll prove how brave you are” then that is actually up to them, totally achievable and inherently rewarding.

it might be more classically manipulative than material extortion but it is way less nasty. look at them. look at that little butt nudge. they know they’re being played and there’s no hard feelings there. look at the second one. scrooge threatens them with missing out on a good time, not losing an uncle. either he trusts that donald cares enough to follow him to protect him without even being asked to or he didn’t even anticipate that the implication of “uncle in danger” would move him more than being called a coward. both are great?!?!?!?!