in other news today i died because i got to the nutmeg story in my barks readthrough and i’d never heard of straight-up nutmeg tea so i googled it.

half of the results are a reasonable “make x other tea and spice it up w nutmeg!” but the other half are all “how to get high off of nutmeg tea” “u can get hallucinations if u consume too much nutmeg” “take a trip on nutmeg this holiday season!”

apparently it takes like 30g ish of nutmeg to get a 3 hr to a day trip, which is A Lot and unlikely to be consumed unless you were really trying. but that’s with an adult human’s body and for a big effect.

…a duck….

is… is scrooge getting a small high off his tea? should we be worried? I’m–

I had to pause my hiatus just for this post, because I’ll never get tired of Scrooge McDuck and his goddamn nutmeg tea.

(Sidenote for RL: Actual nutmeg overdoses causes intense gastro problems, hallucinations, and other worse effects)

Here is some detailed information about Carl Barks and this story, which basically boils down to people asking him if he intended Scrooge to be a not!addict and him going “I needed a gimmick to send him to the tropics and I picked nutmeg. That’s it.”

Buuuut personally I love this whole thing XD  Unintentional or not, it’s a damn funny running gag and something to think about. (And don’t forget it came back in a sequel of sorts, by Don Rosa of course)  Plus I mean, with panels like this?

What are we supposed to think, Scrooge? Come on now.

(Personally my headcanon is Scrooge is WELL aware of what nutmegs can do thanks to an accidental overdose once when he was younger, has since learned his limits, and Scrooge being Scrooge is about the only person in the world who can drink straight nutmeg anything and not, you know, die)