(1, 6, 10 for DuckTales ask meme)

(1, 6, 10 for DuckTales ask meme)

1. Reboot or original?

Honestly right now, I’m going to say original. The reboot is awesome, and getting better with every episode; it’s everything I’d have ever wanted in something like this. But for me the original is like coming home at the end of a long workday to have an old friend ready with a cup of warm tea and your favorite book.

6. Who would you like to see in the reboot and why?

GENE. Or Genie, whichever name you wanna use. Couldn’t you just imagine the awesomeness of having him pop up? bonus if he just completely breaks down dimensional walls like a certain blue Genie I could name, and implies that he’s met another Scrooge out there in the universal plains. like, HMMMM

10. Favorite episode?

For the reboot so far, a tie between The Great Dime Chase and Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System. For the original, it’s also a tie, between Back to the Klondike and Hotel Strangeduck.