Daisy Duck maybe?

Daisy Duck maybe?

favorite thing about them

She’s so supportive of Donald while still being her own duck, even if a slightly misguided one sometimes (cough)

least favorite thing about them

When she’s just Donald Duck’s Girlfriend or even worse, when she falls into the “haha women are bitter jealous shrews” writing tropes. You’ll see this a lot in the classic cartoons especially, but I think that was just the time they were written.

favorite line

It’s going to be weird thematically to point out the failings of the classic shorts and then immediately bring one up, but if favorite bits count, I’m going to mention her part in Donald’s Dream Voice. She picks his mood right up off the ground, and then the rest of the short is technically about her and how much he loves her, and it’s adorable,


Believe it or not, Scrooge! I feel like they have precious few stories between themselves (rather than “happening to appear together”) but there’s been some good ones in there. How To Induce A Miser comes to mind because it’s just got some great interactions, but my favorite would probably have to be Himalayan Hideout where they go up against Magica De Spell and WIN, because of Daisy.


They’ve had some great dealings together and genuinely care about one another, and Scrooge already treats her like one of his family even though she’s not related. I LOVE IT.

(Also, requisite “Daisy-and-Minnie” mention here as well~ )



I mean really now, c’mon.


Daisy and Gladstone, especially because 9 times out of 10 it’s only written as “to make Donald angry”

random headcanon

Donald gave her a bouquet of flowers one day, and whatever became of it (it either wilted naturally or, Donald being Donald, was struck by lightning or eaten by a goat or something on the way), she took the satiny ribbon that they were wrapped in and has repurposed it as an occasional piece of her outfit.

unpopular opinion

Is it bad that I’m not as big on Daisy as some others are?  Like, she’s awesome, don’t get me wrong. But honestly while growing up I didn’t get exposed to quite as much media with her in it as I did the others (like I had Uncle $crooge comics and a tape with a couple Donald, or Mickey-Donald-Goofy, shorts on them). She just wasn’t in many of my books and we all know she wasn’t in the original DuckTales, so I never attached to her as a kid like I did other Ducks. This is starting to change as I indulge in media now as an adult, though.

song i associate with them

I’m gonna go ahead and say Helpless from Hamilton yes yes I know hush but that’s easily 70% because it popped up on my playlist as I was writing this whole meme answer, and I was thinking that it’s a good song for her whole “hopelessly romantic” side.

favorite picture of them

Does the park walkaround count? It’s going to because look at this adorableness.