how to know if tumblr has been eating your asks: send yourself anywhere between 5-10 asks, ( anon or not ) but have each ask be nothing but an order in which you sent them.

i.e: the first ask says ‘1′, the second says ‘2′, etc etc.

i sent myself ten of these, both on anon and not. This was all i received back:


Tumblr is now eating asks along with notifications. We must be more interactive than ever if we want keep this form of entertainment we call the rpc. Go ahead and warn your friends or test this for yourselves.. This post is reblogable.

I just sent myself five of these. none of them came through.

I just did this myself last night and out of the ten ask I sent myself only one came through.

Please know if I’m not responding to you, your ask, or your messages, I am not willingly ignoring you. I am however doing my best to try and stay in contact with everyone.

sorry to everyone who tagged me or sent me an ask. If I didn’t react to it, tumblr didn’t show me.

I just did that for my main and my side blog (5 each) and none came through.

So please don’t be shy to send ask if I received stuff on dm or send it again!

I’ve been noticing this too, guys! If you need me it seems like the best way to get in touch is either spam my inbox or just shoot me a chat message, because reblogs and replies are no longer showing up.

I’m still getting notifications about the porn bots who’re following me, though. *sighhhhh*

Uh oh! If you are worried Tumblr may have eaten an ask you sent me, don’t hesitate to resend!