Scrooge McDuck! ^^

Scrooge McDuck! ^^

favorite thing about them

You know, I could say plenty of things like his heart (that’s somewhere in there), his general attitude, his classy appearance, his utter RIDICULOUSNESS but I’m just gonna go ahead and be honest, and say it’s when he does the thing


least favorite thing about them

Would it be weird to say his cheapness?  Or at least, when he’s written as being cruelly cheap because that’s just not how he is looking at you Mr. Rosa

favorite line



You know what?  Scrooge and Donald.  I don’t even care the version, just seeing them adventuring or spending time together is my favorite



(but I have a lot of ships for him it’s crazy)


Scrooge/Brigitta. Her character has promise, but I just hate the double standards written with her. If it were reversed Scrooge would be a creep and a stalker, but for Brigitta it’s just story.

random headcanon

I’m gonna borrow one that @cybra-sensei​ gave me and say that Scrooge wears the spats so much (like seriously, even in situations he’s otherwise naked, STILL THE SPATS) is to help cover scars from his time at White Agony Creek

unpopular opinion

….I have no idea.

song i associate with them

Gonna link a couple non-DuckTales ones!  First is this one, which is literally called “Swimming In My Money (Scrooge McDuck)” but please note it uses explicit language at times, and the video itself uses flashing imagery during the non-chorus parts (the actual chorus, my favorite part, uses clips). 
The other song is Branded by NateWantsToBattle, which is about LA I believe? But it’s got this whole general #capitalism thing, and I especially love the line “Branded by dollar-sign shaped scars”

favorite picture of them

SO MANY. But I’m gonna put this one in


because look at his fdhgdfg chubby little duck arms