What do you mean by Scrooge being written as b…

What do you mean by Scrooge being written as being cruelly cheap? I mean, what do you consider to be badly written Scrooge? For me would be Scroogre reduced to 'extremely rich' and 'extremely frugal' and nothing more

That’s basically what a poorly written Scrooge is to me, too.  I know we all associate him with cheapness, for goodness’ sake it in his name.  But many stories have taken it way, WAY too far and made it just about his only character trait, with few glimpses of his other sides, like that he actually cares, even if he puts up a huge front otherwise.

People like @land-of-birds-and-comics can point out examples of non-USA stories (new or older) than I can, but like I had in my strikeouts in the ask post, Rosa’s Scrooge displays this A LOT. I like Rosa’s stories, and the heart or humor in them, depending on the specific story of course.  But his characterization, especially of Scrooge, is…. off. He’s bitter, angry, overly aggressive, and CHEAP, and it’s so often at poor Donald’s abuse and expense too. There’s many examples I could point at, but the ending of His Fortune On the Rocks comes to mind:


Like yeah alright it’s a gag of “Who gets stuck with all the bad luck? No one but Donald Duck” in spirit, but it’s also implying that Scrooge has Donald, and Donald alone, chipping away at an entire mountainTO SELL.  All because he wouldn’t pay for a professional crew to come do it.
(To my mind Scrooge wouldn’t be afraid of doing some of the labor himself either, what’s there to be afraid of a little hard work?  Besides, his OWN labor is free And surely hiring a professional crew would be offset by the sheer profit of turning an entire mountain into gravel)

Just as a sidenote it’s not only Rosa’s Scrooge either.  It’s early Barks before his character was set in place, it’s some Scrooges across the sea, it’s even in the original DuckTales.  The late-ish episode “Yuppy Ducks” comes to mind (which is a poor episode for other reasons, but anyway), with Scrooge going to a free clinic just to save a few bucks, when we’ve SEEN that he’s not afraid of a real doctor if he’s actually sick. Sure he may quibble over costs, but we’ve still seen him literally at the doctor, or the hospital, or what have you.

So yeah, it’s stuff like that I’m thinking of when I point out Scrooge being cruelly cheap, or otherwise poorly written.  Yes Scrooge McDuck is a miser, he’s thrifty, he’s a penny pincher. It’s written into his code. But he’s so much more than that, just like Donald’s more than a luckless layabout loser, and after 70 some years of character change and development, he deserves so much more than to be written as someone who’s only got dollars on the mind.

(Disclaimer: It can be fun all the same to see him dip into this side. Like anytime he’s asked “What’s more important, your money or your LIFE!?” and he literally goes “Well…. to stop and think about it, even in the middle of the peril.  Just please, please, for the love of the heathered hills o’ Scotland, don’t make this the only thing to his character)