Okay I’m pissed off


I am going to be straight.

So I had a few hate messages (OH BOI MY FAVORITE) saying that I should kill myself because I shipped Scroogeley. Sure enough, I ignore it and move on. But one of my friends who doesn’t have a Tumblr posted some of her fanfics and started bullying her, leading to her retirement of the random and eventually her deleting her Twitter. Fortunately we still talk and share our fix ideas.

Believe it or not, they were mostly Scrooge x Goldie “fans” who disliked our ship and simply wanted us to cry like little bitches.

Now I could just write this towards all the stuck-up, self-righteous dipshits who think they’re so fucking clever bullying people, but instead I’d like to dedicate this blog to people who I really admire in this Fandom. People who might not be the most skilled but are extremely welcoming and friendly.

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And many more

Thanks for being awesome and not being like others

@helloplaystationallstarslove, I’ve thankfully had yet to be subjected to the messages you’re getting, but I want to extend my apologies to you and your friend.  I hope your friend might be willing to share some of her talent in the future for those of us who are part of this little niche in the fandom.  I know I’d be interested in reading what she wrote!

To everyone in general, I have to say that I am incensed that this happened.  Not because it was someone from a ship I’m a fan of being bullied but that it happened period.  Even more so because I knew this was coming but I expected this sort of nonsense to start at the end of Season 1, not less than 24 hours after Goldie was introduced.

I mentioned to @sincerelysinclair17 not even six hours ago that this sort of behavior was pretty much inevitable.  I saw it with Digimon, I saw it with Harry Potter, I saw it over and over and over again with dozens of online fandoms.  It’s a cyclical thing with them; you can set your watch by it.  While I’m almost resigned to the fact that it’s started, I’m incensed that it happened this quickly.

Good Lord, people, it’s fandom.  You can filter out people’s posts of a ship you don’t like; you can write whatever ship you want to your heart’s content.  The point is to bloody have fun.  The show canon will continue on as the show’s writers decide it will regardless of whether or not somebody wrote a story with a ship you don’t like.  If someone wrote a ship you’re not fond of, skip it and move on.  There’s likely something more suitable to your tastes just around the corner.

I’m going to be very clear with my stance on this point:  If you bully someone over something this small and ultimately inconsequential, you have conceded the moral high ground on bullying in general.

Cybra said it way better than I could, but I just want to reiterate the point of this is for fun, guys. If you don’t like it, curate your experience and block it. All you do when you start bullying others is hurt people- and sometimes people hurt themselves because of harassment. This is ugly, detrimental behavior, and I’m truly sorry to see it going around in a fandom I’d otherwise known as incredibly nice and welcoming.  And most of you are!  I’ve made many great friends in this fandom. But this stress, this bullying, this behavior isn’t worth it.

@helloplaystationallstarslove I hope you and your friend are alright, and I’m glad you can at least still share with each other.