So. Doofus. *gulps* he- oh man. HE SURE IS SUP…

So. Doofus. *gulps* he- oh man. HE SURE IS SUPER CREEPY. I think this is a very interesting turn, but I am curious: Why did you guys make the decision to make him a spoiled (mentally unstable) rich kid?

For this story about the triplets experiencing life without the other two, we wanted to highlight how things could go wrong for them (Huey demanding obedience vs. Big Time’s ruling through fear, Dewey’s desire to be the “most special one”TM meaning no one was there to help him).

For Louie, we wanted to show why would happen if his greed was unchecked by family. We really wanted his foil to be a version of Anthony in the Twilight Zone episode “It’s a Good Life,” where everyone lives in fear of an omnipotent kid who no one ever says no to. Someone really unhinged from reality. We also liked the idea of introducing a rich kid villain specifically as a foe for Louie because, let’s face it, Louie’s too lazy to fight adults.

In that Twilight Zone ep, part of what made Anthony so scary is that he seems so innocent and enthusiastic until he turns. We thought that would be an interesting way to use what we knew of Doofus and come at it from a new angle.

We also settled on Doofus because he was the one character on original DuckTales that we just did not like as kids. For all the great stuff in that show, it did not have the best record with fat shaming, especially when it came to kids. There are whole episodes that hinge on Doofus’ love of pie getting in the way of saving the day. And he was impossibly clumsy to boot. We’d already changed up some other characters to get away from that idea (Beakley as a badass, for example), so we knew we wanted to strip out that element.

And trust me, before we made the change, I did a deep dive on the internet to make sure that there wasn’t some passionate “Cult of Doofus” fandom that would be devastated by a change to their favorite character in all of fiction.

I literally only found a couple of drawings of him falling down and kissing a hamburger.