Oh my God! I get it! Scrooge messed up but he is not a bastard. He made an assumption, not because he was being cheap. He pulled out his money clip about to give Glomgold a dollar before thinking it would be better to give him a dime in hopes that he would inspire the young shoe shine boy the same way he was.

Again it was stupid and he should have given him a dollar when he realized the dime wasn’t appreciated but seriously, leave him alone. He was trying to do something nice but just in a very thoughtless way. I swear people are making a bigger deal about Scrooge shortchanging a kid than, oh I don’t know, nearly getting him and the kids killed because he wants to prove that he isn’t the Neverest Ninny.

Freaking this.  Seriously, like @zumidotexe pointed out while we were chatting, Scrooge’s pride also nearly had himself, Launchpad, Glomgold, and the kids turned to stone during the Druid’s Cup.  Not excusing his crap behavior, but he has literally done worse yet this was the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Let’s look at the character growth we’ve seen with Scrooge in just two seasons.  In both the Glomgold flashback and in “The Great Dime Chase!”, Scrooge gives a child a dime in an attempt to motivate them like what happened when he was a child which is actually pretty sweet.  Maybe out-of-touch given his age means he doesn’t really get what motivates people younger than him, but from his perspective one dime was the start of a fortune.  However, in “The Most Dangerous Game…Night!”, Scrooge has learned to tailor the lesson of self-reliance he wants to pass on to the recipient.  The dime didn’t work with Louie, but the golden idol has a chance of getting it to sink in.  And this is from the same duck who rhymed in “Jaw$!” “all money goes to the Bin, not to next of kin”!

Also I want to point out Scrooge’s decision not to tell anyone where Glomgold was.  I fully expected Scrooge to be simply glad to be rid of someone who actively tried to kill him on a regular basis, but I was delighted to be proven wrong:  Scrooge saw that Glomgold was happy as Duke Baloney and decided to keep the secret so he could keep being happy.  That is actually rather generous given Scrooge would’ve been in trouble with the law since Glomgold was wanted by the IRS for back payments, but he did it anyway for a man he didn’t even like.

Scrooge messed up with the dime.  Yeah.  He should’ve paid the kid the dollar, I agree, but that does not excuse Glomgold who actually tried to murder Webby and Louie.

When Scrooge was cheated out of his wages after Burt the ditch digger paid him an American dime in Scotland, he used it as motivation to become the Richest Duck in the World and prove himself rather than focusing his entire life around getting back at Burt.  Glomgold chose to focus on destroying Scrooge, throwing away any potential happiness he could’ve gotten all for petty revenge.  It makes for a very interesting parallel between the two of them along with showing us how similar they are, and kudos to the writers for that.