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As a PSA of a sort, I’m going to be taking a break from this blog for a little while. I haven’t been in a great place lately, and I’ve recognized some stresses from running Duckblr here as being major contributors. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but basically I was concentrating too much on too many small, petty, and nonsensical things behind the scenes that my anxious mind didn’t want to let go of. So I’m stepping back to refocus, and try to stop letting all the stupid little things get to me.

I’ll be back before too long I’m sure, attracted by the siren call of Ducks. Until then, you can always feel free to PM/send an ask to Duckblr or my main blog here, or you can catch me on Discord. Otherwise, I’ll see you around soon, and hopefully in a much better state of mind <3





*cries* i’ve been on this site for a year now and i still haven’t choosen an stable icon. plz somebody if u have the time can u hand me your best comic scrooges? bonus points for cute italian scrooges??

*cracks knuckles*  All these are gonna be 100×100 because I use them for an off-Tumblr RP account, but hopefully these help

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That is but a fraction.  I’ve got a lot of Scrooge icons, built up over two years of playing him.

….A….. whole lot of them….



*cries* i’ve been on this site for a year now and i still haven’t choosen an stable icon. plz somebody if u have the time can u hand me your best comic scrooges? bonus points for cute italian scrooges??

*cracks knuckles*  All these are gonna be 100×100 because I use them for an off-Tumblr RP account, but hopefully these help


I make personal posts bringing up milestones often-ish, but I feel like this one is special. A year ago on April 3rd, 2017 this blog made its first post. Everything that’s happened since then has been phenomonal. Over 50 pages of content, nearly 900(!) followers, and so, SO many friends made that I would not have met otherwise. Incredible art, foreign duck stories not available here, episode geeking out, gifs, conversation, and overall outpourings of support. Even though there’s been drama here and there, every fandom has that and I can honestly say that the Duck fandom has been one of the best experiences I’ve had so far. It’s wonderful to be among so MANY peers, all of us joined together in one thing, our love for a bunch of fluffy little quackers.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  Thank you to everyone supporting this blog, and sharing in this fandom with me.  Y’all make this so worthwhile and so much fun.


Get to know me!


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Name: I don’t currently have one…?  I MEAN. I HAVE A LEGAL NAME. But I’m also transgender and have yet to pick out a new name for myself. I *was* using Chase for a couple years but I’ve kinda grown out of that one (mostly due to using it as a last name instead, for my Sim). At the moment I’m just “Zumi” which makes me happy enough

Nicknames: Zumi

Gender: Male

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 5′8″ or 173cm

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Hogwarts House: Part Gryffindor, part Hufflepuff. Pottermore picked Gryffindor for me so that’s what I tend to go with

Favorite Color: Green, purple, silver

Favorite Animal: Bats, anything in the deer family

Average Hours of Sleep: 4-9

Cat or Dog Person: Cat, though I love dogs and miss having one

Favorite Fictional Character: At the moment, Scrooge McDuck (GO FIGURE)

Number of Blankets I sleep with: Does a sheet count as a blanket?

Favorite Singer and/or Band: Er. I don’t really have any favorite band, I just listen to whatever I like. My favorite genre is hard rock though

Dream Trip: Travelling to Europe

When Was This Blog Created: April 2017

Current Number of Followers: 810

What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: I wanted to blog a whole bunch of Duck things but didn’t want to spam my main blog (which for the two above questions: roughly 2010 and 496).  So I made a sideblog instead and haven’t looked back.

I tag: Anyone who wants to do it?


And then after making that post my shuffled playlist decided to strike up

I mean, if ever there were a time, a photoset featuring Magica would be it.


Hey there, everybody. I want to apologize for not updating and in general being out of touch lately.  I’ve been going through a real depressive slump lately, and it’s been hard to get up the will to do things I enjoy, and maintaining this blog was one of the affected.  That compounded on top of some other stresses I had regarding this blog (nothing that’s anything worth talking about), and updating this became more of a chore than anything else. 

That being said, I want to continue this.  I just passed 800 followers, which is really incredible, and makes me want to continue putting out content for you guys.  But with that I also wanted to be upfront about where I’ve been, and it’s been all depression and stress. I’ve been out of touch on Tumblr and on Discord, and I’m sorry about that.  Effective immediately this blog is getting updates again, and I’m going to start being around… more.  It might be slow at first because I’m still mentally kneecapped, but I’m going to do my best.

Thank you for your patience, your shared fandom love, and for following me. Onward to ducks, for the forseeable future o/



New side platform!  Out of Context Ducks over on Twitter, for postings of exactly what it sounds like.  Duck images taken out of context.  Images there will be from here 95% of the time so if you don’t have both don’t worry, this is just a fun little extra thing for any Twitter users who might like to follow~


You know, as of late this blog’s been pretty All Scrooge All the Time


Oh wow! a veteran Uncle Scrooge fan and do you…

Oh wow! a veteran Uncle Scrooge fan and do you prefer original Ducktales with Alan Young or the new one with David Tennant? I've been an Alan Young girl since I was kid.There's that grandfatherly classiness in the way Young does Scrooge which is why I like him and I found out about Scrooge from watching Twice Upon a Christmas on DVD with my cousins and started having a fascination with his aristocratic snobbishness and fierce temper (like Donald).I loved him since and I have wishes of wealth.

Alan Young will always be my Scrooge.  Like, there’s something enjoyable about the way any of Scrooge’s VAs have done him– Bill Thompson (”Scrooge McDuck and Money”) and the charming rhymes; Will Ryan (”Sport Goofy in Soccermania”) and his spirit and the immortal “A͘N̸D͟ ͠WI͠N BĄCK ḾY͠ ̀TRO̵PH̛YY̧Y̧YY̢Y̶Y

; Tennant and his…. Scottishness and everything else –but Young has exactly what you said.  A grandfatherliness to him that still has potential for that McDuck temper and stinginess.  He’s the Scrooge I grew up with, and nobody’ll ever top him in my own personal book, even with as good a Scrooge as Tennant is (and he’s a GREAT Scrooge, don’t get me wrong).

Besides, nobody does Scrooge’s laugh quite like Alan Young did.