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*cries* i’ve been on this site for a year now and i still haven’t choosen an stable icon. plz somebody if u have the time can u hand me your best comic scrooges? bonus points for cute italian scrooges??

*cracks knuckles*  All these are gonna be 100×100 because I use them for an off-Tumblr RP account, but hopefully these help

land-of-birds-and-comics: duckburg courier ad…


duckburg courier advertisements:

  • who’s got the longest beak, the largest flatfeet or the thickest plumage? the great book of duckords
  • fethry’s yodelling certificates
  • three chatter taft (pun on “three weather taft” shampoo idk if you have that) for perfectly preserved featherstyles
  • the heater for your feathers, click of a button and your plumage warms up even in the freezing cold (sold at the pharmacy so you know it’s legit)
  • square soccer balls, no more rolling away from you
  • car mechanic, you demolish it, we repair it
  • olympic medals for sale for those who earned none
  • magica de spell, professional witch, magic potions, seances, curses and transmogrifications

Disney Duck-Inspired 5E Race


Good news, everyone!

My DnD 5E custom race based on the Disney Duck universe is now available up on DnD Beyond at the following link:

Wakahnka at DnD Beyond

Oh happy day!  For those of you who don’t use DnD Beyond but want a copy of the race, you can find it here on Google Docs:

Wakahnka at Google Docs

Special thanks to @zumidotexe for the custom artwork that was so good it actually triggered an original rejection of the race based on copyright grounds because it matched the Disney style so well that the moderators thought I’d stolen Disney assets.  I had to resubmit after telling the moderators that, yes, it is original art done in the Disney style and wasn’t stolen from actual Disney artwork.  (Not that I blame them because of the lawsuit nightmares that would’ve happened if I really had stolen it!)

And as a nice preview of things to come, I’m going to link the initial draft of the “Lucky” variant (for those of you who want to play a Gladstone Gander as opposed to a Donald Duck) here:

Variant Wakahnka at Google Docs

I’ll make sure to update the links as soon as possible!

Yooo everybody look at my friend’s work~ I was absolutely tickled pink to have the chance to do the art for this, even with a little ahfhdjsn at what happened after. If you play D&D or are thinking about it, can confirm, the wakahnka are FUN AS HELL to play. Go forth and be adventure ducks!

…okay that was a little “I’ve been awake for three years” rambly but basically yes please check out this awesome race.





I made a ‘Duck Comics’ plot generator for all of your comic plot needs.


I didn’t know Mickey charges admission HAHA xDDDD

I… well…okay.

I mean…. alright. 

Gay icons? (I’d read it >.> )


Speaking of Alan Young, I thought I’d share wh…

Speaking of Alan Young, I thought I’d share what I got for Christmas, an interesting little piece of Disney history.

This, for those unaware, is the 1974 record that Young (along with Alan Dinehart) wrote, adapting the original book. This, of course, would go on to eventually spawn the special we’re all familiar with. The record was the first time that Young performed Scrooge, as well as several other of the characters, including Mickey.

Oh, and it also has SONGS.

A second record would get released in 1982 that was more in line with Mickey’s Christmas Carol, but this was the original. It’s a little late for Christmas itself but if you’d like to give it a listen (as well as see some images from the enclosed book), click here

epos-da-cookie: Merry Christmas from your Duc…


Merry Christmas from your Duck fandom Secret Santa!


You’re welcome!  I already said this but I’m super glad you love it, and a very Merry Christmas!  I had so much fun drawing this~

Five Amazing Things Invented By Donald Duck Co…

Five Amazing Things Invented By Donald Duck Comics: undefined

Some Disney Duck Comfort & Encouragement


Scrooge McDuck would want you to save your money so you have enough to pay your bills and live a comfortable life. 

Donald Duck would want you to stay safe and take care of yourself. 

Huey would want you to at least attempt to bond more with your family and be prepared for any situation. 

Louie would want you to take a step back and breathe so you don’t become over stressed. 

Dewey would want you to pursue your dreams and be comfortable being yourself. 

Webby would want you to try to make new friends. 

Launchpad would want you to not be afraid of making mistakes so you can learn from them and become better. 

Mrs. Beakley would want you to learn how to defend yourself so you don’t have to be afraid of the world around you. 

Drake Mallard would want you to try to be the best parent you can be to your kids / future kids. 

Daisy would want you to hold a little vanity so you can show the world how beautiful you truly are and would want you to pamper yourself every once in a while. 

Take it from the Disney Ducks. 

eeveekeyblade: darkwingsnark: Do you like ducks? Are you obsessed with ducks? Do you find yourself…




Do you like ducks? Are you obsessed with ducks? Do you find yourself gravitating to them no matter what fandom you’re in? Boy, you’re not alone! This November come join us as we create and talk about our favorite feathered friends all month long. While you can make anything you like, please use this for inspiration if needed.

  2. Monster Duck
  3. Space Duck
  4. Old Duck
  5. Young Duck
  6. Sports Duck
  7. Hero Duck
  8. Villain Duck
  9. Business Duck
  10. Flirty Duck
  11. Magic Duck
  12. Family Duck
  13. Mutant Duck
  14. Robot Duck
  15. Lone Duck
  17. Multiverse Duck
  18. Duck Shipping
  19. Fluffy Duck
  20. Flying Duck
  21. Angry Duck
  22. Beaver Duck
  23. Pet Duck
  24. Go Team Ducks!
  25. Old-Timey Duck
  26. Rival Duck
  27. Comedic Duck
  28. Crying Duck
  29. OC Duck

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art trade with my lovely @an-anxious-misconception!