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Uncle Mod, this is probably a silly/stupid question but can I get a HELL YEAH? Today hasn't been a great day and I've been feeling pretty lonely and unnoticed, and I just need a little cheering up. Sorry if this is weird;;

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GUESS WHAT FRIENDS IT’S COVER DUMP TIME AGAIN, Edition # “Scrooge McDuck is a Piece Of Work ain’t he”

Hey, duck fans! This month we’re taking a look…

Hey, duck fans! This month we’re taking a look at one of Donald Duck’s cousins, Fethry Duck!

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don rosa’s hatred of fethry will never not be funny to me

there’s just something so funny about “as far as I’m concerned, Fethry does not exist” just because he wasn’t created by carl barks

also, “Curses!!!” with THREE exclamation points

(quote found in volume 5 of the don rosa library collection, under the section about the family tree!)

I think my blog and a considerable part of my childhood were just an hallucination then.

Why must you hurt me Don Rosa


I can’t even imagine Fethry not being on the Duck Family tree! Thank God the editors knew what they were doing, and thank God they are also big fans of this character

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Gather around, kids, cause it´s theory time! (again)



I had been having this headcanon for a while, in which Fethry knows who Paperinik is but plays dumb even around Donald

*I love how the title is even a refence to Paperinik, and the whole scene is referencing the absurd of super heroes secret identities at expence of Donald´s alter ego. 

it´s funny because he is a friend and family!. But I prefer to think he was actually playing with him, making fun of the situation, and this of course made Doanld super nervous for obvious reasons.

Fethry is a mess, he is weird, I´ll take it. But he is far from dumb (most of the time). He reads a lot, he studies, he observes, and he´s resourceful. At some point (given how much he likes Don) he must have noticed!

I can totally accept this, and Fethry would be one to recognize Donald even in disguise.

sarroora: @mrtigresss this panel reminded me a lot of your…


@mrtigresss this panel reminded me a lot of your adorable fanart of the cousins ?

fethrybestduck: Can we talk about a really delicate and polemic…


Can we talk about a really delicate and polemic topic?

In your opinion, what’s the nature of Fethry’s and Donald’s relationship?

In some comics they are close friends but in other comics Fethry is completely obsessed with Donald; his life is planned around Donald and he gets really sad everytime Don can’t give him attention.

We know that Don’s Fethry’s favorite relative – more than his parents or brother – which is a big deal. In some narratives Fethry’s extremely dependant of Donald, calling him if he can’t sleep, stalking him, casually breaking into his house just because he needs attention.

I’m not saying Fethry romanticaly loves Donald; actually I’m not even sure how much Fethry wants to be in a normative romantic relationship (Fethry’s and Gloria’s relationship is also weird)…

But I’m curious to know the opinion and headcanons of my followers on the topic. And yeah you can post anonimously if you want.

If you don’t mind a longish reply, I do have a few thoughts on the matter.

First, to cover the last topic on your post, I don’t believe Fethry is concerned in any fashion with a romantic relationship of any kind. I personally headcanon him as an asexual, similarly to Jughead from the Archie comics. From what we see of him and Gloria, it seems Gloria’s the half of the relationship that’s more focused on being in it. Though it can be argued that Fethry’s attention span is short and his focus is easily redirected, I just don’t think he finds romance interesting or necessary.

Now, Donald and Fethry, I think they’re closer than most in the Duck clan. Donald has connections to all of his cousins, his grandmother, Uncle Scrooge, a lot of his family truth be told, but it seems Donald interacts in more positive situations with Fethry than he does with the rest of his family. He may hesitate in spending time with Fethry willingly because he knows they will invariably end up in some bizarre situation but it’s not like how he hates seeing Gladstone or feels obligated to do whatever Scrooge tells him out of literal debt. I think it’s important to note that there’s no sense of competition between Donald and Fethry and I think that’s a refreshing change for Donald. 

I think the phrase ‘he doth protest too much’ fits Donald in the case of Fethry because despite his occasional grumblings about his cousin, Donald still accepts Fethry and all of his eccentricities. He accepts the fad chasing and will humor Fethry. I think he recognizes that Fethry needs him and Donald’s quite a bit more mature than people generally give him credit for; he’ll take responsibility for others, even if he doesn’t like the idea. So, I do see them as close, but I’m not sure ‘friend’ is the right term. I think Goofy is Donald’s friend, Fethry is more a dependent, like the nephews in a way.