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For the "send me a character" thing….

For the "send me a character" thing…Glittering Goldie!

favorite thing about them

SPUNKINESS. My god, Goldie’s personality is so strong and she absolutely commands the screen no matter when she shows up.

least favorite thing about them

That she doesn’t appear enough.

favorite line

So far, her teasing of Scrooge in this clip for the upcoming episode is winning out IS IT JUNE 23rd YET I WANT TO SEE THIS SO BADLY


Goldie and Blackjack, obviously



(Like I would’ve said anybody else, though there was a sketch/rejected page for one L&T story that included Elvira and I mean hey, I’m here for gay/bi queen Goldie too)


Honestly, Goldie and Brigitta, for the same reasons I put on the answers about Scrooge.

random headcanon

She made her first dress herself, because I mean c’mon, tiny pre-boom Dawson in the little corner of the Yukon? Where’s there gonna be supplies?  But she spiked her fingers so much with the needle and it came out just barely tolerable (and lasted only as long as she absolutely needed it to) that she said NEVER AGAIN.

unpopular opinion

That she’s perfectly capable of finding a romantic interest other than Scrooge. I know it’s popular in the fandom to go “AWW SCROOGE AND GOLDIE PINED AFTER EACH OTHER FOR YEARS TO THE EXCLUSION OF EVERYBODY ELSE” and we see that in many stories but I mean, c’mon.  She may have a special place in her heart for Scrooge, and keep coming back to him (like him to her), but Scrooge himself has had other flirtations and flings, so why isn’t Goldie just as capable of it?

song i associate with them

I didn’t have one specifically before this so I had to find one from my playlist, and honestly I’m gonna say I Need A Hero?  Especially the version in Shrek.  It’s not even the lyrics itself, just that I can seriously picture her up on stage in a spotlight, belting this song out in her sultry tones.

favorite picture of them

I can’t think of a specific picture, but I do have a favorite gif, which I’ve got to link because of the size of it. RUN, RICH BOY

projectblatherskite: projectblatherskite: [s…



[story code]

they’re trying to ruin me with this Exposed For Loving On Main scrooge….

Born of a desire to draw Scrooge and Goldie da…

Born of a desire to draw Scrooge and Goldie dancing together (/distant strings of “Shut Up and Dance”).  I kinda meshed together a couple of Goldie’s different looks, and I’m not sure it works but the whole thing came out so well otherwise that I just can’t argue.



I think my favorite look was the 80s feathered hair~



Disputed Claim (1976), by Carl Barks. Featuring Glittering Goldie and her pet bear.



The kiss-under-the-mistletoe-cliche-i-make-every-Christmas (??)



Business Long Overdue by Carl Barks

koizumi-marichan: A “draw your otp” accurate t…


A “draw your otp” accurate to me (?) lol

Original Meme 

If you ever feel like it, could you draw Scrooge and Goldie interacting? PS: You are insanely talented! Keep up the fantastic work!


Goldie, bring it back xD. (Aw, thanks a lot! ;o;).

Requests are closed.

ask-artsy-oncie: Can we all please appreciate the fact that…


Can we all please appreciate the fact that Scrooge has a statuette of Goldie in his home

and also that he dove for it the moment it fell

It makes at least one other appearance too, in “Scroogerello” where he did this:

Basically I love this thing and that he has it.