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The Sneeze Machine, a 1963 short piece (though…

The Sneeze Machine, a 1963 short piece (though these images are from a 1980 reprint) in Walt Disney Comics & Stories, and yet another trip down “Gyro why are you like this” Road.

Honestly the second panel on the third page made me laugh so hard I just had to share it.



Too many. This is really too many of them

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So, you know I’ve been obsessed over palettes lately, and when I saw these specific palettes these characters inmediatly came to my mind. Have some dramatic trash nobody asked for. The palettes form up to down are Cyberbullies, Subtle Melancholy, Cherry Soda, Saltwater Tears and Conversation Hearts. All from the Palette Challenge. I’ll reblog this with the link. I’m not happy with how these came out at the end but… I needed some dramatic duck trash. Try to give them an interpretation if you want.

These are amazing! The colors really help the drama/tone of each image!!

alienliaru:he’s angry


he’s angry

alienliaru:he’s angry


he’s angry




the-redhair-girl: A little doodle of my favourite part of the…


A little doodle of my favourite part of the episode!! This guy and his little creation are awesome!!! 

Art by me

Loving the show so far, but I’m curious as what to led to the change in Gyro’s personality, given that in the comics and the original show, he was much more genteel and a doormat. It’s quite fun, but I have to get used to it, although Jim Rash’s mad-scientist routine is a lot of fun.

There was a big push overall to make Scrooge seem more dangerous/risky, to make you really wonder whether Scrooge or Donald’s parenting styles were right. It was important that Scrooge still have an adventurous life on the fringes of his business. That was reflected in our versions of Beakley and Webby. Part of that was making Scrooge’s business and his associates a little more out there: the payoff of new Gyro’s inventions could be amazing but it’s also fraught with peril. Also, in service of story, this version of Gyro creates more conflict that we can build stories off of.

In terms of how we approached the update, we looked at all of Gyro’s inventions in the original series and how a STAGGERING number of them turned evil and posed some kind of threat. Pretty much only Gizmoduck worked out, because he had Fenton’s good heart powering him.

So we wanted to put Gyro in the same position Scrooge was in the pilot: with the McDuck Enterprises board breathing down his neck and calling all of his ideas “too dangerous”. Gyro ultimately relates to machines more than he does people, and believes each of his inventions are his children, which you can see when he tries to talk Big Bulb down. This is a Gyro who has already built a BUNCH of things that already went evil, but defend them and legitimately believes half his inventions are wildly misunderstood. He reserves his vitriol for those who stand in the way of his work. Gyro has the same passion for inventing that Scrooge has for discovery.

That felt more in keeping with the tone of our show than Gyro being apologetic when an invention went haywire. We have a lot of love for original, kind-hearted, absent-minded Gyro (who, in the comics, COULD go pretty dark or deadpan when an invention went awry). But there are a bunch of other characters coming up whose personalities also fill that roll (Von Drake among them). So for the sake of stories, we pushed Gyro a little out of his typical comfort zone.

Also, because we got Jim Rash, and Jim Rash is AMAZING when he’s going over the top. On more than one occasion, I have referred to him as our show’s secret superweapon.

Here’s an amazing clip from one of today’s DuckTales…

Here’s an amazing clip from one of today’s DuckTales episodes…

It feels so good to write “today’s DuckTales”…