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why is hatless launchpad mcquack such a bad thing to look at and see

how dare you make me see this with my own eyes

i mean??? it wouldn’t have been hard to just give him a full head of hair underneath his hat.

im glad the reboot team decided to give him a mullet thing. i think it suits his character 😀

If it’s ok to add on here:


Hem ok ok ok everyone sorry to interrupt but it’s obvious artists and animators didn’t know what to do with Launchpad, and that in both Ducktales and Darkwing Duck.

I mean yes in this pic he has no head hair, in another episode too but in another episode :


In this one too :


Let’s not forget about his Negaverse counterpart :


And I do remember having seen him hatless but with hair in others too but I don’t remember which ones.

As for Ducktales, someone showed this pic in a reblog :


So yes, here he has hair too, but then :




Reminds of OP’s pic, right ?

And it’s not just about thehair, the body too.

another post, as popular as this one, talked about his body shape, as
there is one Ducktales episode in which he looks veeeery skinny without
his jacket, and a reblog of the same OP showed he did have muscles in
Darkwing Duck, saying he had bulked up between the 2.


As he seems slightly older in Darkwing Duck, one could assume he just got muscles with age.


Buuuuuuuut in Ducktales again :


So yeah short story everybody drew him according to their preferences.


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Honestly, shipping DW and LP
never occurred to me. Why? Well, possibly first of all because I felt
that Drake was much older than Launchpad (with the former hitting his
forties and the latter being more in his twenties). And secondly, Drake
surely regarded LP as a good friend, but at the same time as his
sidekick and gofer. So… no. It never occurred to me. Especially not
when I watched the show for the first time at seven and a half years. 😉 However, @ladyariaa drew such adorable DW/LP-artworks that I felt like contributing
something in a similar vein. It can be interpreted in any way you like.
Inktober-prompt 21, “Furious”, was a perfect chance to sketch a slightly
different side of Launchpad McQuack.

rubbersoles19: Drake laughed, Launchpad’s smile growing. He was…


Drake laughed, Launchpad’s smile growing. He was pretty sure Drake was teasing him, but giggled along anyway.

So the sequel to Studio is still unnamed, as it’s still not finished, but I absolutely loved the above scene, so I wanted to throw a quick sketch together before heading back to writing. 

I also tried to mix both the DWD Launchpad and the new Ducktales Launchpad, since his personality in the fic is a mix of both. Stylistically, however, the shows are very different, so here’s my best attempt.

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I just love @joedrawsstuff’s concept art for his 2013…

I just love @joedrawsstuff’s concept art for his 2013 DuckTales pitch. *This* is the series we should be seeing right now, as opposed to the Louis CK/Curb Your Enthusiasm/Family Guy/Seinfeld hybrid we’re ending up with…

joedrawsstuff: Here’s the poster I made when proposing a…


Here’s the poster I made when proposing a Ducktales reboot back in 2013. Not the final style I was going for, but was a start. The big idea I wanted was to bring Donald back into the mix and make the story surrounding Scrooge based off of Don Rosa’s work. They wanted a different angle with the nephews as the leads. This is when we parted ways.

For those of you who are becoming as disenchanted with DuckTales 2017 as I am, here’s what’s really going on. Wouldn’t you rather see Joe Pitt’s show than the one we’re getting?