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here’s the FABLED AND LONG-SOUGHT “donald gets stuck in an airtight safe” comic. scans generously provided by @beautifulcoffeeblizzard! it’s just good to see scrooge all-out straight-up lose his shit with worry. i made some really loose translation choices again but tbh it’s more fun this way. 

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this the bullshit I am pissed of in the Brigitta centered stories that keeps popping up



(Scrooge might be mean and harsh, but don’t worry, I will tame him to be gentle and considerate.)

Yes, it is an adaptation of Taming of the Shrew, with Scrooge playing the role of Katherine. It ends with Scrooge having to marry Brigitta or facing death. You know, the happy disney ending.

Another case of Scrooge ending up married against his will to Brigitta, this time in an ancient India alternate universe, which might also be an adaptation of something. The entire 30-page story consists of Scrooge trying to avoid being married off, and the in the end failing. Heartwarming stuff.

And then there is how for some reason, we are supposed to think that Scrooge is the asshole for taking steps to prevent this actual stalking going on in this story.

And of course this gem of an ending. Where the Duck avenger/Donald traps his uncle on a boat so that Brigitta can spend two week “romantic” cruise with him. It’s just the two of them on the boat, there is a note left for Scrooge, by Donald, reading: “Welcome to your nightmare” and the story closes with Scrooge yelling “Noooo!” from the boat. 

Can you feel the fucking romance yet. 

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TL 2237-1

TL 2231-6

PK   66-1

Exactly!  There’s no way these stories would be published today if their genders were reversed.  So creepy!

ankkalinna:Are we keeping track of Scrooge’s fashion disasters…


Are we keeping track of Scrooge’s fashion disasters or..?

Today! DuckTales #2! With a mysterious character whose identity…

Today! DuckTales #2! With a mysterious character whose identity has been known since the synopsis was released in the summer… 😆

All covers by Marco Ghiglione…

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This had to be done.

Bless this post.

“My kids.” <3

I just love @joedrawsstuff’s concept art for his 2013…

I just love @joedrawsstuff’s concept art for his 2013 DuckTales pitch. *This* is the series we should be seeing right now, as opposed to the Louis CK/Curb Your Enthusiasm/Family Guy/Seinfeld hybrid we’re ending up with…

joedrawsstuff: Here’s the poster I made when proposing a…


Here’s the poster I made when proposing a Ducktales reboot back in 2013. Not the final style I was going for, but was a start. The big idea I wanted was to bring Donald back into the mix and make the story surrounding Scrooge based off of Don Rosa’s work. They wanted a different angle with the nephews as the leads. This is when we parted ways.

For those of you who are becoming as disenchanted with DuckTales 2017 as I am, here’s what’s really going on. Wouldn’t you rather see Joe Pitt’s show than the one we’re getting?

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

A trio of spooky covers for the holiday. Happy Halloween,…

A trio of spooky covers for the holiday. Happy Halloween, everybody 🎃

Uncle Scrooge 56 – Mystery of the Ghost Town Railroad (1965, Carl Barks)

Uncle Scrooge 63 – House of Haunts (1966, Carl Barks)

Uncle Scrooge Adventures 9 – Ill Met By Moonlight (aka The Mirror) (1988, Daan Jippes)