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A gift for you, @rubbersoles19 I want to thank you for all that support and all the kind words you always say! I drew Drake and Gosalyn for you bc I’m terrible talking! I know how much you like DW and I hope I’ll be able to continue watching it. Best wishes <3



This Lou is dedicated to @kidinthegreenhoodie because the fact you drew on my style bc you like my work makes me sooo happy! :>

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So, you know I’ve been obsessed over palettes lately, and when I saw these specific palettes these characters inmediatly came to my mind. Have some dramatic trash nobody asked for. The palettes form up to down are Cyberbullies, Subtle Melancholy, Cherry Soda, Saltwater Tears and Conversation Hearts. All from the Palette Challenge. I’ll reblog this with the link. I’m not happy with how these came out at the end but… I needed some dramatic duck trash. Try to give them an interpretation if you want.

These are amazing! The colors really help the drama/tone of each image!!



I doodled myself an Immunity Gladstone to get protection and good luck for the rest of the year. Don’t mind me I was bored. 

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My last drawing of 2017 has to be, obviously, Scrooge McDuck!! My absolute favorite character! I’m going to draw him another couple of trillions of times! Also, I’m going to draw him again next year, which is tomorrow!! 😀

Can you please draw 1987 Scrooge if you have time? If you don’t want to I understand ☺️

Our fav greedy old bird c:

Doodle requests are closed.




I’m seriously falling in love with the characters all over again!! Launchpad is the purest cinnamon roll on earth and, oh my, there’s going to be a lot of angst and feel with Lena and the others and I’m seriously SCREAMING. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MORE. I NEED MORE. GIVE ME MORE.

Hey, I know your probably really busy and stuff like that, but I was wondering if you could draw Scrooge holding the boys and Donald while saying “Don’t talk to me or my nephews ever again.” It’s ok if you don’t want to I just thought it would be very cute and sweet. Please and Thank you. Also, I love you art you are truly amazing and your style for the ducks is incredible.


Yeah, but this needed to be made.

Doodle requests are closed AND finished 😀

I know you said that your requests were closed, but I seem to keep missing every time you open them. So, I thought you might consider this for next time? If so, then I was hoping you’d do something really simple. All I want is a doodle of 1987 Fenton. You draw so well and I don’t get enough Fenton on my dash. If you choose not to, I completely understand.


There’s no prob :3 Fenton deserves more love ;A; Can’t wait to see him again. It has been a while since tha last time I drew the old Fenton. I really loved his personality. I hope to have that in the new Fenton. Anyways I’ll always love him. (The only thing I’m gonna miss is him being Scrooge’s accountant xD).

Doodle requests are closed.(Since that last request I mentioned it’s going to be a big project, I decided to took this and the other request as some kind of bonus :>).

tricia-morvill: Well, I’m terrible with this things, but I’m always glad to help! So I’ll try my…


Well, I’m terrible with this things, but I’m always glad to help! So I’ll try my best :> My english is pretty poor so eh, this may be hard to explain.

First of all, I want to point out something: don’t take this as the absolute truth, or the definitive way to draw ducks. Because it’s not. It’s the way I do it; how my eyes see it. And each mind is a world. And, who am I to teach anyone anything? Exaclty: nobody. I don’t have the basics, and if you take what you’ll see here as a definitive way to draw ducks, you’ll be risking to make the same mistakes as me. And, believe me, I make a bunch of mistakes xD So think about them more like tips. These were helpful for me on their moment, and I guess now it’s a bit easier for me to draw the ducks. So I better start.

The beak. Maybe the worst part to draw on a duck. I guess it’s the one that can make or ruin a drawing xD Believe me, I had a really hard time with the beak. I still having it sometimes. But I kinda reccomend you folks to consider drawing the shape first. It helped me so, so much. It may help you too. Before that, I used to draw some kind of arc first. But it was slow and tyring, and used to end looking terrible x3

Old and new eyes works a bit like the same. But the old had more lines for the eyelids and the new doesn’t, I guess? Here are some expressions for eyes that came to my mind. Obviously, there exist a lot more. Combining them with the beak is funny to do.

I don’t have a lot of tips for the body. Is useful for me to separate it in different parts. And I try to push my poses, but they usually end being sticky poses xD And that’s basically what I know; it’s really not so much. Maybe the material explains it better than me. You’re free to use these as references or something :>

Now, for my steps, I don’t have exactly a method. I just makr the sketch, ink, add color, add some poorly made shading with a multiply layer and then a bit of color editing with a screen layer or something like that.

As you can see, it’s not a pretty smart proccess xD

For a last thing, I can tell that tons of observation are really helpful. Take screenshots, make notes; everything you want. Take what you like for each one. But, principally, have fun. The ducks doesn’t have to look exaclty like they are. Change them to make them easier to draw for you. The proportions, colors, whatever you want! Draw them in your style; your own, unic way! 😀 Add them your own sparkle! It would be great! Just be yourself, and draw. Hope it helped, at least a little :‘3